Our services helps businesses streamline and simplify back office processes through our comprehensive and integrative solutions, which can be customized to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.  We can handle every aspect of the staffing and payroll administration process so entrepreneurs can concentrate on the core of their business.


Recruiting & Pre-screening

Our recruiting and pre-screening process allows us to seek highly qualified candidates for job positions by meeting and screening candidates in person, while understanding and pinpointing our client’s needs.


Background Check & Drug Test

As a part of our pre-screening process, background checks and drug tests are performed to improve the quality of hire; prevent future risks and elevated hiring costs by verifying the accuracy of applicant information; reduce negligent hiring risks to claims and lawsuits; enhance regulatory compliance; and improve workplace safety and security.



Contract Hire: Individual contracts with us and works for our client at the client’s place of business on an interim basis.  The work is usually project based.

Temporary to Permanent Hire: Individuals work for a client as a Contract Hire on a trial basis to determine if the position is a good match for both the individual and client.  If both agrees it is a good fit, the individual becomes our client’s employee.

Direct Placement Hire: Individuals are recruited and screened by us, interviewed by the client, and then hired directly by our client.


Payroll & Invoicing

Payroll and invoicing are handled by our payroll and tax specialists with years of experience. Leave it to our team to keep up with the constantly changing regulations, withholding rates, and government forms.  Businesses can outsource this task to us and make it one less thing to worry about.


Time and Attendance Tracking

Our convenient mobile-enabled and simplified time and attendance tracking can lighten the workload and make this extra task easier in our lives.  Through our secured WebCenter and within the palm of our hands, clients and employees can enter and submit time cards, review and approve time cards, view past and present time card and/or assignment information, and submit availability information.