ZIRCON Staffing Solutions (“ZIRCON”) is a California based company, headquartered in beautiful Huntington Beach.  Our company’s mission is to connect great minds alike and provide solutions to help professionals and businesses grow, and to build and nurture solid partnership with our clients, employees, and the communities we serve.

As a family-owned and operated company, business operations and resources are managed in a mindful and personable manner.  Our team at ZIRCON are detail-oriented knowledgeable individuals who strive to provide and deliver exceptional service to yield competitive and rewarding advantages to both individuals and entrepreneurs.

There are many challenges and changing opportunities which we all face daily, making it imperative that professionals and businesses find partners who they trust to deliver quality workforce solutions. ZIRCON takes the time to understand our clients’ needs in order to develop the best options for success.  Let ZIRCON be your partner and an extension of your profession and business in helping you grow and succeed.  Your Success is our Success.